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Search Engine Optimization Funny StuffThe purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that your business shows up on the first page of both Google and Bing search results. Being on the first page is important because a vast majority of all search engine users never even go to second page of results. But being on the first page isn't good enough because some studies show that over 50% of search engine users click on one of the first three results. I am focused on moving your website up to one of the first three spots and also seeing your site multiple times on the first page. One of my current clients is on the first page of Google eight times for a very important search term in his industry. If a search engine user sees your website on the first page of search results multiple times it sends a powerful message.

The SEO process is similar for every business as it requires a cursory review of where you and your competition are on the major search engines. Next I create a customized plan for your specific website where I analyze both on site ranking factors and external opportunities for improvement. Lastly, I implement the plan and measure the results over time. Over time we will have to analyze the plan and make adjustments based on both our results and what the competition is doing in response to your SEO tactics.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategic long term process, because ranking improvements aren't achieved in a vacuum. As your site climbs the ladder that will mean that someone else is losing search engine ranking positon. No one likes to lose ranking position so your competition will attempt to regain lost position by changing their SEO strategy. We obviously can't control what your competition is doing or not doing which makes Search Engine Optimization a continuous process of evolution. Always remember your websites search engine rankings are either improving or regressing, they will never stay the same for long.

Local SEO: This search ranking package is focused on ranking in a local market. Local search is an offshoot of tradtional SEO and includes many different factors that aren't involved in traditional SEO. This package is almost always the starting point for most small and medium sized businesses. This option is essentially a requirement for any business struggling with local search and is also a part of The Works' website design package. Pricing for this package is $495 in the first month, $225 in the second month, and $225 in month three.

Citation/ Link Building: This package includes adding a variety of high quality external links to your site and local directory citations. This plan is the perfect maintenance option for a local business that has done the Local SEO package and is looking to continue the gains that were realized. Not to mention it is a necessity for well established businesses looking to stave off fast moving competition. This package costs $225 per month.

Content Creation: This plan includes blog/ article writing for your websites blog. High quality written content has become a major factor for increasing your search engine ranking. This tactic should be apart of every sites long term search engine optimization strategy. This plan includes three quality blog articles per month and costs $250 per month.

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