I work with many different people and I have friends all over Colorado. One company that I truly enjoy is Hearing Aid Technology Center of Pueblo. The store is owned by Mike and Julie Trujillo and they are two of the most caring and friendly people you will meet. They have been servicing the needs of hearing loss victims in Pueblo for over twenty years. The level of knowledge that they have of the different products on the market is excellent. I think what sets them apart from the competition is that they truly care and they won’t sell you a product to make the most money. They will only sell you a product that will help you as an individual fit your budget and your needs. Below is a little more information on hearing aids.

A hearing aid is a small device that you wear behind your ear or in your ear. These devices make certain sounds louder so a person with hearing loss can communicate, listen, and participate in daily activities. A hearing aid can help people hear more in both noisy and quiet situations. One main problem is that many people who need digital hearing aids don’t utilize them. In fact, only one in five people who need them actually use them.

A hearing aids have three basic parts: a speaker, amplifier and a microphone. A digital hearing aid receives sound through a microphone, then it converts those sound waves into electrical signals and lastly it sends those signals to an amplifier. The amplifier receives the signals and it increases their power and then sends them to the users ear through a speaker.

If you are one of the millions of Americans looking for a Hearing Aid. I highly suggest that you take the time to contact Hearing Aid Technology Center of Pueblo. Their contact information is 2032 Pepper Ln | Pueblo, CO 81005 | (719) 564-2966.