Colorado SEO Design Accredidations
Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

CPA Firm Case

A local CPA firm engaged us to improve their search rankings and provide quality lead generation to their website.  They had been in business for some time, but had generated little to no interest online with their website.  We need to improve the rankings of the site to increase the traffic.    


  • Poorly written meta tags & titles
  • No Links or citations
  • Low amount of quality content
  • No schema or machine language


  • Keyword Research & On-site Optimization
  • Build high quality links & citations
  • Added a blog on the site
  • Added JSON-LD & Micro formats


  • Organic traffic saw a 321% increase
  • High Quality traffic has lead to large client increase
  • 7 keywords in top 10 of SERP.  Originally zero ranked in top 100
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